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SINPEKS is a privately-owned company founded in 1990. Its main field of operation is representation, sale and servicing a range of products (machinery and equipment) used in...



When you need an effective and reliable machine for agriculture, construction or park maintenance, there is no better selection of products than the range of products offered by SINPEKS. For 30 years now we have been offering a whole range of equipment...



Quality is the moto of our company, so SINPEKS is striving to provide machinery of top quality in line with all global standards. SINPEKS is offering superior quality products and services as well as...



What makes this company different from the competition is our desire for constant innovation and development of the company as a whole. The values that are imbedded deeply in our day to day operation are the desire...


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In order to cut down on the time during which the machine is not in operation and to increase its effectiveness all our clients have access to our service shop or advice, regardless whether they need assistance on the road, in the field or at home. Our repairmen are always available and capable of responding to all your needs in the most professional way. Apart from the highly trained staff, the service shop also uses state of the art diagnostics equipment and tools, and they are mobile and able to respond anywhere around the country.

Service Shop: 047 208 518


As a general dealer for a number of brands when it comes to the after-sale care and support for the clients we also offer original spare parts. Our equipment could achieve perfection in its operation only by using original spare parts, and this goes for both minor regular replacements or more serious requirements. Only the original spare parts produced from top quality materials could offer long-lasting and safe performance of the equipment, and thus its efficiency. In order to have complete offer, we also offer original fluids oils and lubricants as recommended or produced specially for the equipment we represent. Since we are always here to support our clients and to meet their needs, our company has a special department dealing exclusively with spare parts.

Spare Parts Departments: 047 208 537


IPARD Program A Young Farmer

The Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance for Rural Development – IPARD II Programme (2014–2020) for the Republic of North Macedonia is an access to European Union funds earmarked for financial assistance for sustainable agriculture and rural development with a focus on the implementation of the European Union’s common agricultural legislation, policies and policies for competitive sustainable agriculture, strong and sustainable rural communities and a diverse and sustainable rural environment. Preparation of the Programme for utilizing funds from the European Union Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance for Rural Development (IPARD) for the 2014-2020 period. The process of preparation of the IPARD II Programme 2014-2020 was carried out under the responsibility of the EU Pre-accession Assistance Management Department for Rural Development IPARD, in cooperation with the IPARD Agency and in constant consultation with all relevant stakeholders (national, regional, local and other public bodies, economic and social partners and all other relevant bodies representing civil society, non-governmental organizations, including environmental organizations, minority groups, interested parties, parties and bodies responsible for promoting equality between men and women). The IPARD II 2014-2020 Programme supports the following 5 measures:

Investment in physical assets of agricultural holdings
Investment in physical assets concerning processing
Farm diversification and business development
Technical assistance
Investments in rural public infrastructure
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The state offers 10 thousand EUROs to all those who will apply at the Payment Agency with a business plan to start a business in agriculture. Eligible for the support to start a business in agriculture would be any young farmer at the age between 18 and 40, who is starting in agriculture for the first time by taking over an existing agricultural holding or by establishing a new agricultural holding. The funds to be provided will depend on the applicant’s business plan. The farmers usually apply for funds to invest in new permanent crops, procurement of new equipment and agrobusiness development. The Farmers’ Federation expects for these projects will provide significant progress in the agriculture and that the young people with their knowledge and modalities will significantly contribute for the development of agriculture in the Republic of North Macedonia
Eligible for support to start a business in agriculture would be any young farmer, who is starting in agriculture for the first time by taking over an existing agricultural holding or by establishing a new agricultural holding. In accordance with Article 67 from the Law on Agriculture and Rural Development support will be provided in line with the Measure 112 based on a business plan approved by the Agency that needs to envisage investment activities for modernisation of the agricultural holding for a period of three years at the most starting from the day the support is approved.


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